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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mary Kay has a new botanical line!

It is what we have all been waiting for!!! The NEW Botanical Effects Skin Care line by Mary Kay offers personalized skin care, enriched with the benefits of botanicals. The new Botanical Effects hydrates dull and dry skin, gives normal skin new found freshness, helps eliminate the oil in oily skin, and it is the perfect solution for sensitive skin. And guess what? You cannot beat the price!!
Are you currently a customer and using the classic basic skin care line? Botanical Effects is the update to your current classic basic set.
Are you a TimeWise customer and already satisfied with your products? I recommend that if your currently on TimeWise you continue using TimeWise and continue taking advantage of the 11 benefits that if offers towards fighting the signs of aging.
The Botanical Effects line provides those not yet in need of fighting the signs of aging or that have very normal to sensitive skin.
This wonderful line also provides the benefits of being hypoallergenic along with fragrance and alcohol free. There are no synthetic dyes within the formula so this provides people with sensitive skin the wonderful benefits of an amazing skin care line without the risks of serious breakouts. This line will leave you with the most beautiful skin while providing you with the protection against daily environmental damage. Each formula for Dry, Normal or Oily skin is formulated specifically for your skin type and infused with just the right amount of botanicals.
Not only is Botanical Effects amazing for your skin but it is amazing for the environment as well. With all Botanical Effects packaging Mary Kay has PINK doing GREEN. As stated by the company;
  • The Cleanse, Hydrate & Mask Tube Sleeves: Contain 50% post consumer resin (PCR) material. So what was destine for landfill now gets a new lease on life as part of our packaging.
  • Tubes: Also feature lightweight caps, using one-third less plastic then traditional fill-top caps.
  • Freshener bottle and Cartons: All recyclable and are made of 100% PCR content and Forest Stewardship Council certified material.
Now who can ask for a better skin care line then one that contains the botanicals you need to protect your skin and also helps improve the environment through packaging.

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