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July and August Event Details


The Houston Back To School Blowout is an online giveaway event I will be hosting on my blog featuring only local Houston businesses, and open only to Houston Residents. It will run for the entire month of July and probably the first week of August as well. The purpose of this event is to expose small local businesses to my local readers and also to gain more local readers for my blog. I will not feature two of the same types of businesses on the same day.

 I will be featuring 3-4 local businesses every week with a spotlight blog post featuring any information about your business that you would like to share with my readers. I am also offering all sponsors one month of free advertising on my blog sidebar.
I am looking for sponsors to giveaway prizes (with a minimum value of $25, no coupons or discounts please!) that are relevant to moms, kids or families. This can include (but is not limited to!) activities, lessons, dining gift certificates, and of course retail gift certificates. 

To enter the giveaway, readers would be required to "like" you on facebook, follow you on twitter, visit your website and leave a comment on my blog about your site/business (for example: Which lesson would your child like to try?), sign up for an email newletter or rss feed if you have one, and any other requirements you would like to add.
If you have any additional questions, please give me a call or email!

In August I am hosting a Mom/Baby event, the details are all the same with the exception that the prizes need to be related to baby shower supplies/gifts, gifts for mom, date night gift certificates for dinners etc. 

I am still open to sponsors for both events!

Brenda Farris
The Real Houston Housewife


If you are a local blogger, and would like to participate in all this buy local awesomeness, please send me an email or even a text or phone call!


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