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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sugar (almost) free Easter?

In our new attempt at a whole foods lifestyle, we stopped buying processed sugar and foods made with it. (I do keep raw sugar for coffee and iced tea, honey just wont do!) Here are the things we are stuffing our eggs with this year...
In our eggs:
* temporary tattoos
*coins  since they are getting a piggy bank with their baskets
*a few high quality chocolates
*animal figures for Ben
* Barbie outfits/accessories
*small jewelry/charms (check out these options from local etsy seller LiddySoPretty!

In our baskets:
*3d chalk
*color wonder toddler markers for Ben
*coloring books
*stuffed animals 
*felt peeps (see previous post here)
*paper "grass"
*stuffed bunnies

What will be in your baskets/eggs this year?


  1. We do coins, some sugar-free jellybeans, organic cheese puffs (no, seriously), stickers, play-doh, and wind up toys :-)

  2. The barbie clothes are a really great idea. Following from your comment you left on my blog. Really enjoying your site, and looking forward to further posts. :)

  3. love the idea of coins and a piggy bank! We put these little pill looking things that "grow" in a sponge sea create when added to water.

    Danielle with Texas Laundry Care