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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Duck Organics Giveaway!

 Little Duck Organics make Tiny Fruits, which are freeze dried fruit snacks in three awesome flavors, Strawberry & Mango, Blueberry & Apple, Apple & Banana, and Pineapple & Mango. My kids absolutely loved them! Even my 8 year old ate them and didn't complain once that they were "baby snacks". It can be so hard to find snacks that all the kids will eat, and that I feel good about giving them. Tiny Fruits have 100% Fruit, No Added Sugar, No Added Zombies, and they are Perfect for Kiddos 6 Months+.

Try picturing a graphic designer, some freeze dried fruit, Dubstep , and a band of woodland creatures.  If your eyes are burning, you’re doing it right.   Borne out of a desire to find organic, no-sugar added snacks he’d feel comfortable giving to his children, Zak Normandin dreamed up Little Duck Organics (First drafts included “Little Honey Badger Organics” and “Little Alpaca Organics.” He quickly scrapped those. In 2009, Zak made Little Duck Organics a reality.

 A couple years and some awesome recruits later, Little Duck Organics has grown into THE most fun company around.(We can’t really substantiate this claim, but come hang out with us for an afternoon, and we think you’ll agree.)  All of us at LDO are committed to dressing cool being fun, and producing innovative, nutritious, no-sugar added products for the four feet and under crowd. In addition to creating good food, LDO desires to do good things.

We’ve made the decision to support some amazing organizations that are fighting to reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition in children worldwide LDO has teamed up with For Humanity which facilitates 1% of all revenues to be used for humanitarian purposes. And that’s the Little Duck Organics story in a nutshell (mm, eggshell?). We’re a cool company started by one guy with a mission to provide kids with good food for a healthy lifestyle and world domination. Okay, forget the world domination and just focus on the good and healthy. That's what we're all about.

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