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Monday, July 9, 2012

Clothes for Kids (Houston Back To School Spotlight)

Clothes for Kids on Memorial is a two-story store that caters to those who have boutique tastes on discount budgets. It is the oldest resale shop in Houston, open since 1974!  Owner Roxanne Weidman has owned Clothes for Kids since 1994 and has a keen eye and discriminating judgment.
"People come here for boutique clothes, and I teach my customers brand names," Weidman said.
Clothes for Kids caters to those who have boutique tastes on discount budgets.
In addition to Gap and Gymboree, Clothes for Kids also carries Baby Lulu, Flapdoodles, Ralph Lauren and Sophie Dess. While the downstairs is dedicated to the younger set, the second floor is home to teen fashions, including those from Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap. Pink or orange tags mean additional discounts.

A rack in the front of the store is dedicated to specialty items such as dance and ice-skating outfits and seasonal merchandise. Clothes for Kids still has a selection of school uniforms and swimsuits, but during the next two weeks, winter coats will be arriving.
"You never know what will come through the door, so most of my customers will check in every two weeks," Weidman said. "Once people see what resale shops have, they come back because you can find great clothes at great prices.
Clothes for Kids accepts recently washed clothing on plastic hangers and splits 50 percent of the profit.
Once back-to-school sales die down, the rush for holiday clothing starts, but every day at both stores looks an awful lot like Christmas.

Clothes for Kids is currently having a summer stock up sale up to 50% off! 

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  1. Thanks for this awesome give away, Brenda!

  2. whoops forgot to add what the kiddos want. Does a PS3 count?

  3. Ready to go check the store out

  4. School Uniforms are on my wish list!

  5. My daughter needs shoes - poor thing has to go barefoot... lol