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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heritage Falls Soy Candles!

2 Weeks ago I found some Cotton Candy scented soy candles at Target. They smelled amazing so I bought some, of course. After they burned up, too quickly, I googled cotton candy candle to see if I could find some more. During my online search I came across Heritage Falls candles in Nebraska.

About Heritage Falls Candles (from the website):
HAND-POURED FROM THE HEARTLAND—Heritage Falls has come full circle through our past 10 years of experience in the candle-making industry. We started creating our product with paraffin wax blends and had an excellent customer base. However, the switch to making our highly fragrant candles with 100% SOY wax has exploded our market! We do not blend our soy with paraffin wax, but rather produce our candles with 100% soy in order to maximize the clean burning benefits of candle burning.

We are committed to producing a quality product that "throws" a fragrance well and at the same time does not clutter your interior walls with black soot. Though the paraffin-soy debate is HOT right now, we believe we have developed a candle that enhances your home and work environment while supporting American agriculture, taking pride in our hand-made process. OUR WICKS ARE LEAD-FREE!!

I emailed them and asked if they would like to sponsor a giveaway, and lucky for you guys they did!

I had never seen a cotton candy scented candle before, and the candle from Target did smell awesome, but did not last as long I thought it should. The Spun Sugar candle I was sent from Heritage Falls is still going strong after 2 weeks of daily (1-2 hours) of use!

I also received some of their meltable soy Qubes (similar to Scentsy offerings) that smell exactly like my candle. The nightlight warmer is really cute and fit in with my home decor nicely.

The Qubes and candles are made with 100% American grown Soy wax. They are clean burning and smell amazing. The scent fills my home quickly and lasts!

One last awesome note, before we get to the giveaway, they offer fundraisers! You can earn 50% of your sales for your group/cause selling awesome candles that are much better for you and your home than traditional wax candles!

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  1. chocolate marshmallow...yum!


  2. My candle is still going strong! I found my new go-to candle supply!