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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sign up for $40 woth of manicure goodies for only a penny!

This was my July box! Loving the America glitter polish!

1. Follow this link to Julep.   
2. click on the box that says take the style quiz
3. after you have done that and you get your results click “sign me up”
4. once it takes you to your box click “add to bag”
5. at checkout use coupon code COLORS4ONE
6. after you choose your state it will take your total down to $.01 shipped!!!!!
7. People are saying it comes up as $1.91 until you choose your shipping state, then it is marked down to a penny
Now this is a monthly subscription so be sure and cancel for next month after your order comes if you don’t want to stay on as a subscriber. I just got my box (I paid $5 for it, you’re lucky to snag it for a penny!) and I LOVE the products!! I’m definitely staying on, I can’t wait to see what I get next month!!
If you choose not to receive another shipment, be sure to cancel, pause or skip a shipment by the 24th of May so you will not be charged for the May shipment. Just call 877.651.3292 Monday –Friday 9am-5pm PST to cancel

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