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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My urban garden!

Do you grow your own veggies?

I have started my veggie garden a few months ago and things are really coming along! I planted Organic sunflowers, peas, squash, swiss chard, spinach, bluebonnets, and peas. I bought lavander, peppermint, spearamint, and basil from HEB as well as non organic tomato and blackberry plants. I also sprouted an avacado seed, once its big enough I will move it into the yard. I have to keep the plants potted on a table on the back porch because my english bull terriers love their veggies!

P.S. When i googled how to sprout an avacado seed, I read that you should stab it with toothpicks and rest it over the sides of a bowl. I'm lazy and just washed the seeds from my avacados, covered them with water in a bowl and changed out the water whenever I remembered. Once the tree is a couple feet tall, I will have to find someone with a producing avacado tree and graft a piece of their tree to mine if I want fruit. I posted on the houstonraw yahoo group to find someone with a tree.

If you would like a chance to win a pack of bluebonnet seeds, leave a comment on my facebook page telling me your favorite flower!

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