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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Soya Soy Sauce Review and Giveaway!

Since our switch to whole foods, dinner can get a little boring since most of our fallback condiments are off limits. Alex and I do still enjoy the occasional mayo and miracle, but baby steps right? I found Little Soya Soy Sauce at the HEB on I10 and Bunker Hill a few months ago (before the switch) and my kids were so excited. The cute little fish shaped containers were all it took, they didnt even care what was inside! The kids use the sauce on all kinds if stuff! Our favorite is steamed rice with veggies and Little Soya. Iris loves it with celery, weird, I know. The flavor is so rich without the overpowering salt flavor found in most soy sauces. To be considered a whole food a product must have no more than 5 ingredients. Little soya doesnt quite qualify, it does have 8 ingredients, but it is a lesser evil in my opinion. They are releasing an all natural, gmo free version this year along with an all natural gmo free hot sauce called Little Saucy. I cant wait for the hot sauce since Alex and I arent big on soy sauce.
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