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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nourishing Traditions Fish Stock

The girls helped me make the fish stock from my new Nourishing Traditions cookbook last Wednesday. It was quite interesting. We bought our fish heads/carcasses from HEB on Tuesday. Most seafood counters have them available, you just have to ask for them. My recipe called for Turbot, Sole or Snapper. I was able to get 3 whole carcasses and one head for $1 a pound. I can't find the pictures of the girls opening up fish carcasses wrapped in paper, it was awesome though. Our fishes came with a little tag from Gulf Wild. It's a non profit that tracks your fish from the fisherman who caught it to the fish house that sold it. If you visit www.mygulfwild.com and enter fish number GSA1449622 you can even see a picture of our Red Snapper. 

So we added all of the ingredients to the pot and cooked it for about 6 hours following the recipe. My house smelled like a lake shore all day, I don't mind but Alex hates seafood. The resulting stock has a very light flavor perfect for using to cook rice or other seafood dishes. I saw some women say the heated and drank it on cold mornings, but it isn't flavorful enough for me to just sip it.

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