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Monday, March 5, 2012

Free $25 American Express

Want a FREE $25 American Express gift card?! This is an awesome deal, especially for those of you that don’t like giving out your debit/credit card info online.
Sign up for an American Express prepaid card and get a FREE $25 American Express card! It has NO FEES! You can easily load money onto it and it’s FREE to do so!!
Here’s how to get the FREE $25 gift card!!
  • Sign up for the FREE American Express prepaid gift card
  • At checkout use the coupon code AEPC25 
  • After you get the card load $25 within 45 days (before April 30th)
  • Use the card at least once after you load the $25
  • Within 45 days you’ll receive a $25 American Express gift card in the mail!
Easy right? ;)
An American Express facebook fan called American Express and this is the comment she left on the Facebook page “I just got off the phone with Amex at 866-207-7970 and they told me that if the promo code is in account, then you will get a gift card!! The account number is found in the email confirmation when we placed our order of the prepaid card.”
These are really handy to have for those of you that want the freebies that require credit card info. I don’t like giving out my info either so I ordered this card and it’s what I will use!! Plus, who couldn’t use $25 for FREE?!

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